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AABC-  Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges

5575 S. Semoran Blvd., Suite 26

Orlando, FL  32822-1781

Telephone:  (407) 207-0808

FAX:  (407) 207-0840

Email:  exdir@aabc.org

WEB:  www.gospelcom.net/aabc


Published Comments

AABC's mission, purposes, and goals are established by the association membership.  The mission, purposes, goals and objectives are the foundation of the association's Criteria for Accreditation.  The following statements are excerpts from the association's Constitution (see Section II) and Bylaws.

Mission. The mission of the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges is to provide accreditation for undergraduate institutions of Bible-centered higher education within Canada, the United States, and related territories.

Purposes.   The association seeks to fulfill its mission by: a) Promoting excellence among Bible colleges through the process of accreditation;  b)  Promoting cooperation among member colleges and communicating the association's distinctives to society; and c)  Providing services that will stimulate excellence among member college administrators, board members, faculty, and students.

AACS – American Association of Christian Schools

National Office
P.O. Box 1097
Independence, MO 64051-0597
(816) 252-9900
FAX: (816) 252-6700

Web:  www.aacs.org


Published Comments:
The American Association of Christian Schools - is one of the leading organizations of Christian schools in the country. Founded in 1972 and now in operation for over twenty-five years, the AACS serves over 210,000 students and teachers enrolled in member schools throughout the United States.  The general purpose and objectives of AACS are to aid in promoting, establishing, advancing, and developing Christian schools and Christian education in America.


ACE  -  Accelerated Christian Education

PO Box 299000

Lewisville, Texas 75029-9000

General: 972-315-1776

Orders:   800-925-7777

Fax:        972-315-2862                        

Email:  info@schooloftomorrow.com

Web:  www.schooloftomorrow.com


Published comments:

Accelerated Christian Education is more than quality academics. The curriculum is built on a theistic philosophic foundation. Students learn to see life from God's point of view. Their personal relationship with God and their personal responsibilities to family, church, and community are of primary concern.

ACCS – Association of Classical and Christian Schools

PO Box 9741

Moscow, ID  83843

Telephone: 1-208-882-6101

Fax:  1-208-882-9097

Email:  accs@turbonet.com

Web:  www.accsedu.org


Published comments:

The primary mission of this association is to promote, establish, and equip schools committed to a classical approach to education in the light of a Christian worldview grounded in the Old and New Testament Scriptures. The mission of the association is both to promote the classical approach, and provide accountability for member schools to ensure that our cultural heritage is not lost again. This mission will be accomplished through the work of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools. Through these various means, ACCS seeks to set an educational standard for a unified and directed approach to classical and Christian learning.

ACSI – Association of Christian Schools International

PO Box 35097
Colorado Springs, CO 80935-3509
731 Chapel Hills Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920-1027
719-528-6906 (Main Phone Number)
800-367-0798 (Customer Service)

Web:  www.acsi.org


Published comments:
The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) was founded in 1978, the outgrowth of a merger of three associations, namely: The National Christian School Education Association (NCSEA); The Ohio Association of Christian Schools (OACS); and the Western Association of Christian Schools.

Today, in addition to our headquarters facility, ACSI has 16 Regional Offices in North America and around the globe. Current membership includes 5,000 member schools from 115 countries with an enrollment of 1,030,000 students. Programs and services are designed to assist Christian schools at every grade level including early education and higher education.


CEAI -  Christian Educators Association International

Post Office Box 41300

Pasadena, CA 91114

(626) 798-1124

Email:  info@ceai.org

Web:  http://www.ceai.org


Published comments:

CEAI, founded in 1953, became the first national organization of professional Christian educators serving in public, private and charter schools. CEAI is a leader in promoting the rights of religious persons in public education.  CEAI is on the leading edge...encouraging Christians to be "salt and light" in public education, publicly promoting the Declaration for Public Education which encourages the local church and community to be an active participant and supporter of public schools, and a return to Judeo-Christian values which promote character education and core values.


COC -  Church of Christ Schools

Church of Christ

c/o: Silbano Garcia, II.
P.O. Box 336
Crystal City, TX 78839

Telephone: 830.374.9130

Email:  garcia@church-of-christ.org

Web:  http://www.church-of-christ.org/


Published comments:

We are undenominational and have no central headquarters or president. The head of the church is none other than Jesus Christ himself (Ephesians 1:22-23).  Each congregation of the churches of Christ is autonomous, and it is the Word of God that unites us into One Faith (Ephesians 4:3-6). We follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and his holy Apostles, and not the teachings of man. We are Christians only!


ChNaz -  Church of the Nazarene

6401 The PaseoKansas City, MO 64131-1213

(816) 333-7000

e-mail: GenSec-Hoo@nazarene.org

Web: www.nazarene.org


Published Comments:

Nazarenes support 10 liberal arts institutions in the United States, Canada, and Africa, as well as 2 graduate seminaries and 43 undergraduate Bible/theological colleges worldwide.


CSI - Christian Schools International

3350 East Paris Ave.
Grand Rapids, MI
(616) 957-1070 or
(800) 635-8288
Fax: (616) 957-5022

web:  www.CSIonline.org


Published comments:
Christian Schools International is a dynamic and growing organization of Reformed Christian schools throughout North America and beyond. CSI serves over 475 schools, with a combined enrollment of over 100,000 students, and has been doing so since 1920.


ELEA - Evangelical Lutheran Education Association

2625 Colby Ave.

Suite 3, #202

Everett, WA  98201


Email:  eleanational@cs.com

Web:  www.elenational.org


Published Comments:

The purpose of the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association is to promote and support quality education quality childcare programs that are Christ-centered in early childhood centers, elementary and high schools of the ELCA.


F.A.C.E. Foundation for American Christian Education

P.O. Box 9588
Chesapeake, VA 23321-9588
Phone:   800-352-3223
FAX:     757-488-5593

Web: www.face.net


Published comments:
The Foundation for American Christian Education serves individuals and organizations with resources and education. F.A.C.E. offers regional seminars in various locations, the Slater Institute to train teachers, consulting to schools and home educators, school-planting support, an educational Journal, study-group guides, Teacher Certification Program, and a catalog of various materials, books, tapes, and posters.

Our Mission:
To publish and teach America’s Christian history and method of education by Biblical principles to restore Christian self-government and character to the individual, to families, to churches, and to the nations.


FACCS -  Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools

Dr. Brent Jones - Director of Program Services

P O Box 1065

Hobe Sound, FL   33475


Email:  ops@faccs.org

Web:   www.faccs.org


Published Comments:

The Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS) is a voluntary service organization, providing an association for Christian schools, Christian colleges and universities, homeschool groups, and homeschool families. Started in 1968, it is the oldest, state-level association of Christian schools in the nation. FACCS exists to advance the cause of Christian education by providing school accreditation, legislative, and program services to member schools and their constituents. Guided by Biblical values, the purpose of FACCS is to provide ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE  through accreditation, to deliver PROGRAM SERVICES through professional  educator development and student opportunities, and to preserve LIBERTY through legislative support for Christian schools.


NAES -  National Association of Episcopal Schools

815 Second Ave., Suite 313

New York, NY  10017


Email:  info@naes.org

Web:   www.naes.org


Published Comments:

The National Association of Episcopal Schools, an independently incorporated, non-profit, voluntary-membership organization, supports and serves the vita work and ministry of those who serve Episcopal preschools and schools, school start-up committees, and regional and diocesan Episcopal schools associations throughout the Episcopal Church. It does so in order to enhance their work with nearly 165,000 Episcopal school students: they too are NAES. As part of its mission and ministry, NAES interprets, represents, and advocates for Episcopal schools in the education and government communities and the wider Church.


NCEA -  National Catholic Educational Association

1077 30th Street, NW, Suite 100

Washington, DC 20007-3852

(202) 337-6232   

email: nceaadmin@ncea.org

web:   www.ncea.org


Published comments:

NCEA's Secondary Schools Department offers a variety of programs for school personnel including teachers, administrators, campus ministers, and development directors. The programs address key issues in Catholic high schools including spirituality and faith formation, extracurricular programs for students, and Catholic social teaching.


NICS -  Network of International Christian Schools, Inc.

PO Box 1260

Southaven, MS  38671

Telephone:      1-800-887-6427

Fax:      1-662-796-1840

E-mail: info@nics.org

Web:  www.nics.org


Published Comments:

NICS is a unique missions concept founded on the belief that a major thrust for world evangelism and discipleship for Christ can be accomplished through the classroom with the impact of committed Christian educators overseas.  NICS was established to establish additional international Christian schools in major cities of the world where there is such a need.

OACS - Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools

617 Garner Road East

Ancaster, Ontario, Canada L9G 3K9


Telephone: 1-905-648-2100

Fax: 1-905-648-2110

Email: oacs@oacs.org

Web:  www.oacs.org


Published Comments:

Achieving educational excellence with integrity through effective, independent Christian schools, accessible to parents throughout Ontario.   Because the right virtues matter in achieving high standards and good character in the nurture of responsible citizens for Canada in a global civilization.

ORUEF-  Oral Roberts University Education Foundation

2488 E. 81st, Suite 130

Tulsa, OK  74137

Telephone:  1-918-493-8043

Fax:      1-918-493-8159

Email:   oruef@oru.edu

Web:            www.oru.edu/oruef


Published Comments

The Oral Roberts University Educational Fellowship, founded by Oral Roberts, is a religious, nonprofit organization of Charismatically open Christian schools.  The ORU Educational Fellowship is composed of schools whose curricula are built on the complete and uncompromised Word of God, and whose staffs, faculties, students, and administrators have agreed to be led by the Holy Spirit. These Fellowship schools, under the Guidance of Oral Roberts University, agree to provide support to one another in seeking continuous spiritual development, academic credibility, and financial stability in the context of educating the whole person .... body, mind, and spirit ... under God's authority.  Membership is open to all interested persons, schools, and colleges who subscribe to the Statement of Faith and Purpose of the Fellowship.


SBACS -  Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools

14359 Miramar Pkwy. Suite 333
Miramar, FL 33027
Telephone: 954-367-7955

Email: Drwscott@sbacs.org

Web: www.sbacs.org


Published Comments:

SBACS exists to advance church related Christian school ministries by fortifying school leaders with information, training, professional networks and an influence artery.  SBACS is a nonprofit organization of Christian schools whose member schools are sponsored by Southern Baptist churches, state conventions or share a common vision and mission.  Today approximately 600 Christian schools are supported and operated by Southern Baptist churches and state conventions.

We are committed to programs that encourage and support excellence in Christian education, a biblical worldview in curriculum and admissions policies that make Christian education available to all students regardless of race, national or ethnic origin. 


SCS -  Society of Christian Schools

7600 Glover Road

Langley, British Columbia, Canada

V2Y 1Y1

Telephone: 1-604-888-6366

Fax:  1-604-888-2791

Email:  scsbc@twu.ca

Web:   www.twu.ca/scsbc


Published Comments:

SCSBC consists of 40 member schools that are operated by locally autonomous school associations. Since 1949 the SCSBC has provided a wide range of services for its member schools as well as others seeking resources and support in the provision of Christian education.  The SCSBC is an organization of Christian school communities sharing a biblical vision for Christian education in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Our purpose is to strengthen and promote Christian education by serving, supporting and encouraging our members and others in this endeavour.


SDA -  Seventh-Day Adventists

12501 Old Columbia Pike

Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600

(301) 680-6000

Email:  majordomo@lists.gc.adventist.org

Web:  www.adventist.org


Published Comments:

Seventh-day Adventists have one of the broadest centralized Protestant educational systems in the world (5,530schools, colleges and universities).  The Adventist Church operates one of the largest educational systems in the world, and features Universities such as Loma Linda whose Medical Center is at the forefront of treatments such as the innovative Proton Accelerator for cancer treatment. Through a world-wide network of schools, Adventists seek to better humanity through providing education and vocational training.


WCS - Worldwide Christian Schools

1009 44th Street SW

Grand Rapids, MI  49509

Telephone: 1-616-531-9102 / 1-800-886-9000

Email:  comments@wwcs.org

Web:  www.wwcs.org


Published Comments:

Worldwide Christian Schools helps in the development of Christian schools which consciously and consistently integrate the teachings of the Word of God for all of life into their educational program. This commitment arises from Worldwide Christian Schools’ profound desire that the Lordship of Jesus Christ will influence the hearts and minds of students everywhere.
Worldwide Christian Schools will carefully select and support only such educational projects (e.g. pertaining to facilities, students, staff, curriculum and educational materials) as will conform to the mission of Worldwide Christian Schools as stated above.

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