The Mini PEERS Test is an abbreviated version of the PEERS Test published by Nehemiah Institute, Inc.  The mini version contains 20 items as compared to 70 on the full version.

The PEERS Test is designed to identify your primary worldview in five areas of life: Politics (civil government), Economics, Education, Religion, and Social Issues (PEERS).  The test will rate your views in one of four worldview categories: Biblical Theism, Moderate Christian, Secular Humanism or Socialism.

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1.  Unemployment is primarily caused by a lack of demand for goods and services.

2.  Human nature, because it constantly adapts and changes, has an unlimited potential for progressive development.

3.  Competitive free-enterprise is the fairest type of economic system.

4.  Government should rest as directly as possible on the will of the people.

5.  Elementary and secondary schools should be operated with no financial assistance from state and/or federal tax revenues.

6.  A federal Department of Education is necessary to ensure harmony of instructional technique and content of learning in all schools.

7.  The major obstacles to social progress are ignorance and faulty social institutions.

8.  In a democratic society, citizens have a civil right to an education, and this right must be protected and enforced by civil governments.

9.  Individuals should be allowed to conduct life as they choose as long as it does not interfere with the lives of others.

10.  A government run program to ensure financial security at retirement age retirement age (e.g.: Social Security) is in the best interest of the nation as a whole.

11.  Progressive taxation (higher rates for higher income) is the fairest form of taxation in that it relieves poor people from a heavy tax burden, which they are unable to pay, by taking a larger tax percentage from the rich who are able to pay more.

12.  All religious belief is personal and should never be imposed on others, particularly on children.

13.  The Bible is meant to be a guide or an example to individuals, not an authoritative rule over lives.

14.  Federal and state governments should provide price support programs to industries providing essential services (E.g., agriculture, housing, and medical care).

15.  Social reform should be designed and enforced to correct inequalities in schooling, housing, employment and recreation.

16.  Nationalism (the sovereignty of nations) is a hindrance to nations working for peace.

17.  The Old Testament laws were necessary to govern Israel until the arrival of the Messiah. However, we are now governed by the Holy Spirit through grace and are not bound to any kind of Old Testament law.

18.  Instruction in any field should present all known theories about the given subject in an unbiased manner and encourage each student to develop his/her own beliefs.

19.  The best form of civil government is the one that has the greatest amount of direct participation from the people, where everyone votes on everything.

20.  Homosexuality is a sin against God and an offense against society that should be prohibited by law.

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