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The PEERS test consists of a series of statements carefully structured to identify a person's worldview in five categories: Politics, Economics, Education, Religion, and Social Issues (PEERS). Each statement is framed to either agree or disagree with a biblical principle.

For a sample version of the PEERS test click here.

After testing is complete (if using test booklets), all answer sheets are returned to Nehemiah Institute for fast, professional scoring. If using the online version of PEERS testing, results are submitted electronically. The test booklet is retained by the individual for examining answers in light of PEERS results. Upon submitting tests, each person will receive an individual PEERS Scorecard. Allow 4-5 weeks for booklet method of testing and 4-6 days for online testing. Summary reports are issued to group coordinator if testing 6 or more in one group.

The value of PEERS testing is its ability to compare a student's worldview with that of their teachers or parents. The PEERS Test's item-by-item analysis makes it easy and time-efficient to zero in on the most problematic worldview areas. Based upon this data, parents and school administrators can take corrective action by enhancing the current curriculum or by placing more emphasis on particular issues.

All tests, scoring and reports are included in the initial price of the PEERS testing program.

The PEERS test can be bought in booklet form, $34.95 per test, and the test results are mailed to us, or PEERS tests can be bought in online format for $24.95 per test with results submitted electronically. An entire class can take the test at once as long as there is internet access available to every student. However, online testing may be completed in more than one session for a group of students and when all are finished, one data file is submitted for processing. For details on how the online test version works, click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the PEERS test?
The PEERS test provides an objective means for measuring the understanding of how biblical principles apply to all areas of life. With this information, administrators and parents are able to structure courses of study to ensure that biblical teaching is presented as working solutions to the issues of the day and not confined to the areas of "personal religion."

Does Nehemiah Institute offer any follow-up programs?
Nehemiah Institute offers a 22-week study course (at one hour per week entitled PILLARS) and a series of position papers. Papers have been written on the 30 most frequently missed items.

How frequently should the PEERS test be administered?
Although the answer to this will vary according to the goals and mission of your organization, Nehemiah Institute recommends testing sophomores and seniors each year. Allowing for each student to be tested twice provides a two-year comparison period over which the effectiveness of your worldview instruction programs and the growth of the student may be measured.

The test can be administered any time during the year, but Nehemiah Institute recommends testing in the fall. This allows for adequate time to conduct proper follow-up in response to your testing results.

Does PEERS testing replace achievement testing?

PEERS testing is to worldview understanding what achievement testing is to academic knowledge. Our research has found that many students are academically proficient, but principally deficient. Achievement testing is a cognitive assessment tool for measuring achievement in academic disciplines (including Bible study). PEERS testing measures comprehension and application of biblical principles to worldview concepts such as free-enterprise, the role of civil government, family structure, private property, welfare policy and the responsibility of education.

Do all students score in the same approximate range?

Results from seniors in high school have ranged from -59.43 to +100.00. The average was 33.34. Based on the following worldview scale, these results give strong evidence for the need of solid Biblical worldview training and testing in junior high and senior high grades.
Biblical Theism worldview- 70 - 100
Moderate Christian worldview-   30-69
Secular Humanist worldview-   0-29
Socialist worldview-    less than 0
Click here for description of worldview categories.
Click here for report of PEERS results of different school positions. The results shown cover testing from 2005-2012.

What grade levels are appropriate for PEERS testing?
Version BA12: grades 7 - 9

Version AA14: grades 9 - 16

Version AA16: grades 9 - 16 (post-test)

We strongly recommend having parents, faculty and others in leadership positions complete the testing program, using the same version as the students. This provides a teacher/student comparison which greatly enhances the insights gained through PEERS testing.

How much time is required for PEERS testing?
For most students, the test can be completed in a normal class period setting (45 - 55 minutes).

Is there another assessment program for testing in the area of Biblical worldview?
There are many bible tests/quizzes both in booklet format and online. Some are making the claim to be 'worldview tests.' Given the importance of 'worldview' in our culture, this is far too important a matter to be fooled by a flashy tool telling you that you possess a strong, mature Biblical worldview.

Based on PEERS testing over the past 25 years with approximately 100,000 uses, less than 25% rank in the Biblical Theism category. George Barna, professional pollster on Christian-based topics, reports that according to their 'worldview quiz' (very brief- 9 items compared to 70 on the PEERS test) less than 10% hold to a Biblical worldview.

Are you one of the few people with a strong Biblical Worldview? If you want an honest assessment of where you are solid and where you need to learn more, you need this test. Do you want to know how well your church or school teaches a Biblical Worldview? Refer them to the PEERS test.

The PEERS Test is the only professionally validated worldview test, to our knowledge. It has been through several 'validity' assessments, most notably a professional Validity and Reliability study conducted in 1995 by Dr. Brian Ray, Professor, Western Baptist Seminary, Salem, OR. Dr. Ray assembled a panel consisting of scholars from both a Christian perspective of life and from a secular perspective of life. Here is part of the summary comments Dr. Ray provide in his 30-page report:

"The evidence examined during this evaluation indicates that the validity of the instrument is more than satisfactory for most purposes, and its reliability (i.e., structural consistency) is very strong. The findings of this study suggest that the PEERS Test may be successfully used for individual assessment, group assessment and research purposes." Brian Ray, PhD

Do you have a self-scoring version of the PEERS Test?
We offer a 20-item Mini PEERS test in booklet format that can be purchased for $11.95 per test. This is ideal for conference settings where immediate feedback is required.

Does PEERS Testing promote a particular Christian denomination?
PEERS testing does not include issues that have denomination-specific beliefs in areas such as baptism, communion, or eschatology.

Does PEERS Testing provide summary results for special profiles?
Yes. PEERS Testing now provides summary results for custom-made profiles such as: 1) Faculty- length of time at school, 2) Faculty- education background, 3) Youth groups- type of schooling (public, Christian, homeschool, etc.). There are extra costs for profile reports. To set up special profile reporting, call 1-800-948-3101 and request to speak with PEERS Testing Coordinator.

In addition to our worldview testing program, we offer several items for teaching on 'biblical worldview' understanding. You can see a list of these by clicking here.

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